Student Services

The fundamental mission of the Student Services Division is to demonstrate a strong commitment to student success by providing a learning environment in which individuals from varied backgrounds, with diverse goals and needs, are afforded both the conditions and opportunities for student success, not as an aside from instruction, but in partnership with and as a compliment to the educational opportunities afforded to students. Student Affairs goals are listed below. The belief of each member of the Student Services staff at H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is that all people are provided the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Dedicated to this belief, and in support of the educational mission of the College, the division assists students with admissions, registration and financial aid, advisement, assessment, achieving success, disabilities services, student activities, and career planning.

Coordinated by the Vice President of Student Affairs and Information Services, these functions service the student and complement classroom instruction by ensuring that each student has the opportunity for success.

  • To work in concert with faculty to develop a holistic individual.
  • To offer professional development opportunities that will enhance the recruitment and retention for students.
  • To increase enrollment through assertive recruiting and retention strategies.
  • To offer an array of social, cultural and educational activities to students to create a feeling of belonging.
  • To develop an on-going comprehensive public relations campaign utilizing news releases, brochures, billboards, college website, civic speaking engagements, recruitment videos, college view book, television and radio commercials and other printed and electronic publications.
  • To accommodate students in gaining access to the College by providing admission, registration, counseling, advising, placement testing and other support services.
  • To facilitate the successful movement of the student through the educational process to completion of the student’s identified goal (personal enhancement, specific job skill(s) improvement, career preparation and/or development, or continuation of an undergraduate education).
  • To maintain a system of accurately recording, safely maintaining and efficiently retrieving student records.
  • To provide a program of financial assistance to students.
  • To enhance development of the student’s mind, body and character by providing a program of student activities.
  • that compliment classroom instruction and/or other curricula endeavors.
  • To assist in satisfying the College’s and community’s need for information relative to students served.
  • To participate in the governing system of the College, particularly in the areas of student life, long-range planning, and due process in student discipline.